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Astrology readings from Horton Astrology

A reading from Horton Astrology is a comprehensive report about who you really are, your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can best use your abilities and tendencies to improve your life. An astrology chart gives you deep insight into your life's tendencies and directions, your innate character. It clearly shows you your inner most qualities and abilities, whilst giving you constructive ways to use your unique abilities. .

I would like to give you a personal view from me about my own chart and how it has effected me.

I have always been a rather complex person (to put it mildly). Like everyone, I would make bad decisions sometimes. I could never quite understand why. When I did my own chart, it told me to sit down and take a good look at my life, and the stability of it.
I have an aspect in my chart that tells me I have a tendency toward too grandiose thinking, and if I kept going the way I was I would push my affairs too far out on a limb and the limb would break. After learning about this aspect of my character, I have stopped and I now make sure that I dont get out of my depths. It really saved me. My chart has also helped me make better decisions in my personal relationships, by helping me to understand myself and how I relate to other people. I have always worked hard and I have always put this down to being brought up on a farm and the hard work that I did then, but my chart says I am naturally a hard worker. My life is just so much more secure and together now.
The charts do come out with some blatantly honest things that take you by surprise, but once everyone, including myself, gets over the shock, it all starts to make sense. I produce these charts because I just believe they can help people with their life path, as they have helped me with mine.

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