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We now accept direct credit.

I would like to order:

Emailed reading

$30NZ (approximately $15US)

Posted reading & chart

$35NZ within New Zealand
$40NZ internationally
(postage included)

Personal Currency Assistant
(Currency converter)

Chart (birth) Information:

Date of Birth

Time of birth

(if exact time is not known, please state morning, afternoon or evening)

Email address:

Email ie:
*please check email is correct

Mailing Address:
(only required for posted charts)

First Name *optional
Last Name
Street Address
Street Address 2
Zip/Postal Code

I will be paying by Direct Credit

(Direct payment into bank account - bank account details
will be supplied with the return email acknowledging your order)

I will be paying by Bank cheque/Money order


I will be paying by Personal cheque
(NZ only)

(Please read our disclaimer)

Printable order form

To order, please fill out the form and press Submit. 
You will receive an email confirming your order.

Cheques should be posted to: 

C. Horton
21 Newport Street
New Zealand

Make checks payable to C. Horton.

Additional information:
You should receive your chart within a week after we receive your payment.
Please allow an additional 7 working days for personal checks to clear.

Your privacy:
All information is kept in complete confidence and is never sold or used for any other purpose. All personal information is permanently deleted after the chart is sent. This is not a secure server, but the order form is submitted via secure, encrypted email.
The level of security is based on your browsers security.


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